Nanostructured bioactive materials in guided skin rigeneration and application in pharmacologic non-invasive therapy
Duration: 2008 –

POCO – Carbon Nanotube Confinement Strategies to Develop Novel Polymer Matrix Composites
Duration: 2008 – 2012

Biodegradabile Nanomaterial: micro- nano-particle, shells, micelles for diagnosis and targeted drug delivery
Duration: 2008 –

Topographic and chemistry engineering of surfaces for biomedical application
Duration: 2007 –

Synthesis, characterization and application of new nanostructured hybrid materials based on metal nanoparticles for nanobiotechnological applications
Duration: 2007 –

Mechanical and physical characterization of fiber reinforced posts and tooth-post system and finite element modelling
Duration: 2006 –

NANOBIOCOM: intelligent nanocomposite for bone tissue repair and regeneration
Duration: 2005 – 2008